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Why choose A103 Productions?

One-Stop Shop.

Wind arranging, percussion arranging, drill design. Each of these aspects impacts the success of your marching season. Why outsource from multiple vendors, when you can consolidate everything under one roof?


Diverse Experiences = Diverse Products.

Design is about exploring different musical avenues - let A103 Productions help you mold your product to fit your needs and your students. A103 Productions staff has real-world experience in a variety of fields, including film music, recording arts, jazz, performance, and more. Each of these experiences contribute to the unique voice A103 can bring to your production.

Design + Execution = Art.

The staff at A103 Productions firmly believe that the design of a show is intended to facilitate high-level execution, which in turn produces the most artistic result. No matter how creative or beautiful, unnecessarily difficult music or drill prevents the final product from shining the way it is intended. Efficient design + good execution = a clear and enjoyable product.

The Machete Method.

Sometimes, a really wonderful musical passage or drill set just doesn't work. The time to get attached to a show is when it is finished and presentable, not in the design phase. At the end of the day, this is your show, and we are happy to collaborate as much as desired. Our staff is comfortable finding alternate paths for your production to follow - no egos here!