I'm composer Jamie Wind Whitmarsh, operating as A103 Productions - I create original, captivating scores for games!

Check out some of my video game scores
in the demo reel below as well as music for the upcoming P2E game "Scrap Guilds" by Attack Wagon Games

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Scrap Guilds is a scrap-smuggling space shooter. The thousands of grand scale battles, fought during the Great Schism, have created a good business for scrappers like you. The tech and magical resources in these wrecks are valuable, so valuable they could tip the balance of the war.

Build your ship, upgrade it from the scrap, fight off alien races and other scrappers moving in on your spoils. In the black expanse there are no rules. Shoot it, gather it and sell it before your enemies get to you first.


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"A Link Between Worlds"

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